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Light Table funded on kickstarter

Maybe you have heard about Light Table. This new editor that make some improvement in this kind of tools shows the code in a novel manner, functions are showed separately, file are just a method to store file. Another new feature is the instant show the function informations. The major feature is the ability to […]

A awesome template to make HTML5 and CSS3 pages

I’ve recently discovered html5boilerplate this is a fully featured teamplate for making pages: A HTML5 ready page A mobile support A CSS3 template The necessary javascript to allow an easy jquery integration. The javascript to allow Internet Explorer support. All the tools needed to compress the html, the css and the javascript. All the best practices found […]

Sharrli for sharing links

Hi everyone, I’ve juste installed sharrli to share the links that are interesting like Delicious. You can see the lastest links here, an interesting feature is the daily page. There is also a rss feed here. Thanks to  sebsauvage for this awesome tool.