1PPM: February Review

This month was another bad month, especially because I was preparing a big running race and made lots of commutes.

But I have not done nothing, I have started the GTK+ integration in order to provide an user friendly interface. For March, I plan to finish the GTK+ integration and to finally make a first usable version.

First Month review: EPIC Fail!

As I said in the previous post, one of my resolutions of this year is to make 1 project per month. Today we are in February, and one month happened since the beginning of the challenge, so a project should have been finished.

First, since the beginning of January I’ve lost my motivation on my side project, I’m have not done any developments since December. I see this as a pause, I was really exhausted about programming and I only re-start to develop right now.

Second, I planned to finish my previous project and after some hindsight, I found that these project are too big. So I will split them in smaller ones.

So the February plan, is to split these projects into smaller finished ones, and to publish them.

The 1PPM Challenge


New years are always subjects to new good resolutions. And like many people I have a lost of sides projects in mind. Following a news on HN (link) and a post on (1PPM Challenge). I decided also to try to make one project per month.

This for multiple reasons. First, to limit the time on project, when a project becomes too long my motivation tend to lower. Second, to force me to limit the scope of my project to make a minimal viable product. Third, not only to code, but also to market my products by making a beautiful page and speak about it on websites.

My first project is to finish and make a product from a side project started the last years: IOMind.