Running week #13 #10k



My objective this year is to run a 10k in 40minutes.
I have started a plan since a few weeks, the Blue plan of the Jack Daniels Running Formula book.

I have estimated my VDOT to 44 thanks to the VDOT running calculator.
This leads to the following paces:

  • R: 4:05/km
  • I/H: 4:20/km
  • T: 4:43/km
  • M: 5:01/km
  • E: 5:39/km

My Fenix 3 watch have given me a VO2MAX of 43 in January, that have increased to 46 the last week.

Resume of last months:

January I have followed the Phase 1 of the plan. The Q1 session (R) was very refreshing, but the Q2 session was quite hard, 4min at Hard pace at 4:20 was unreachable, so I have done them at 4:30. Then I have done a third run each week to make climbs.

February I switched to the Phase 2 of the plan. The Q1 session still was very good. The Q2 consisting of a long Threshold run was hard at the beginning. When possible I continued to make the climb runs.

Clearly the Hard and Threshold paces are hard to maintain so I have to work them.

March, I continued the Phase 2, then I switched to the Phase 3 this week

This week:

I finally switched to the Phase 3, it still consist of a tack session (R pace) and the Hard pace runs from the Phase 1 come back.

As expected, the Q1 run (R pace) was a little Hard, because it have more longer repetitions.

And the Q2 run (H pace) was very hard, I wasn’t able to maintain the H pace, I run them at 4:40.