On User Interface design

Google have released an online website on user interface design guidelines for android.

This website is interesting, not just for android, but more generally for user interfaces on all the applications.

We can retain:

  • Enchant users : allow application customization, know the user (remember the user choices/searches)
  • Simplify the user life: brief text, visual interfaces (images), Only show what I need when I need itIf it looks the same, it should act the same.
  • Style: choose a color palette, design of icons,
  • Text: keep it simple, be friendly, most important thinks first, only the necessary

After that I have looked for the Apple design guidelines, their is other important stuff:

  • Focus on the primary task
  • Give people a logical path to follow
  • Make usage easy and obvious
  • Consider Adding Physicality and Realism
  • Start Instantly

It is interesting to read theses guidelines, not only for android of iOS applications, but also for PC applications.