Introducing NotesCharts

Since a few days, I started a new project: NotesCharts.
This project comes from my need to mix Mind Mapping and Note taking.

After using lots of Mind Mapping software I think it is a very useful tool to
help thinking about a problem. It is also very good at providing an overview of
the problem and ideas.

In contrast note taking tools are useful to note my day to day activity,
meeting notes, to keep them and retrieving them.

I want a tool that mixes both of the worlds, allowing me to take notes and to
provide an overview of my notes, to filter them to link them…


  • Layouts: Many layouts, from normal document layout to Mind
    Maps like layout.
  • Tree: All the data is organised as a tree like all the
    Mind Mapping Tools.
  • Data: The user owns its data, he can play with its data and
    import/export it to custom format.

For the first week I started by setting up the environment to draw the
I also started to play with layout starting to write algorithms to make the

The next time I will start to manage user input.