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Embedding Tiny Scheme in a Game

I have recently started to develop a game from scratch. This game is about drone races. I will write about it in future posts. I wanted to have a scripting language in order to be able to: configure game object properties, draw the entities, draw the levels, etc. I started implementing my own parser but […]

Grabbing frames from webcam with a Raspberry pi

I have just received my Raspberry pi. My objective is to use webcams with the board, so the first step is to connect and test a webcam with the board. So after installing the official debian image on my pi board, I have plugged a webcam on one of the USB ports. Then I have […]

How-To compile Mesa under Ubuntu GNU-Linux

This is a simple guide to build mesa under GNU-Linux. The dependencies required are for Ubuntu 11.04,  they may differ. General dependencies

GL_PROTO installation The version or some libraries given with Ubuntu are quite old, so we will install our own up-to-date versions.



Environment variables In order to defines our […]