1PPM: February Review

This month was another bad month, especially because I was preparing a big running race and made lots of commutes.

But I have not done nothing, I have started the GTK+ integration in order to provide an user friendly interface. For March, I plan to finish the GTK+ integration and to finally make a first usable version.

First Month review: EPIC Fail!

As I said in the previous post, one of my resolutions of this year is to make 1 project per month. Today we are in February, and one month happened since the beginning of the challenge, so a project should have been finished.

First, since the beginning of January I’ve lost my motivation on my side project, I’m have not done any developments since December. I see this as a pause, I was really exhausted about programming and I only re-start to develop right now.

Second, I planned to finish my previous project and after some hindsight, I found that these project are too big. So I will split them in smaller ones.

So the February plan, is to split these projects into smaller finished ones, and to publish them.

The 1PPM Challenge


New years are always subjects to new good resolutions. And like many people I have a lost of sides projects in mind. Following a news on HN (link) and a post on (1PPM Challenge). I decided also to try to make one project per month.

This for multiple reasons. First, to limit the time on project, when a project becomes too long my motivation tend to lower. Second, to force me to limit the scope of my project to make a minimal viable product. Third, not only to code, but also to market my products by making a beautiful page and speak about it on websites.

My first project is to finish and make a product from a side project started the last years: IOMind.

Vulkan the future of OpenGL

The Khronos group recently annonced the Vulkan API.

Thi new API is intended to be close to the GPU hardware than OpenGL.

Recently a post on gamedev by an intern an NVidia discussed about the fact than most AAA games have a bad use of OpenGL, and the driver team changes the driver to allow better game performances. It also speek about the fact than thousand of lines are dedicated to deal with the hardware abstraction layer.

But the new Vulkan API will certainly not be ported on old devices. The fragmentation between the version of OpenGL (most games used OpenGL 3 because Opengl 4 is not supported by lot of devices).

Vulkan will be closer to DX12, this will helps the port of games.

Vulkan and DX12 API will be the same on embedded devices.



On the evolution of the Raspberry Pi

The starting

Initially the Raspberry pi was launched as a ARM 11 running at 700MHz. This is equivalent to an old Intel Pentium 3 processor.
Compared to other boards like the BeagleBoard that have a ARM Cortex A8 core and a DSP processor, it is a low performance board.

First improvement

The first improvement in the global performances was with the announcement of the recompilation of the packages of the raspbian distribution with hardware floating point support.
This is not an hardware performance improvement, but it is an improvement on the use of the hardware. The gain was visible in the applications that uses intensively the floating point arithmetics, for example the graphics.

Then the hardware improvement

A few day ago they announced an update on the firmware that allows to run the raspberry pi at 1GHz without loosing the guaranty or reducing the lifetime.
The gain is up to 52% faster on integer, 64% faster on floating point and 55% faster on memory.

What next?

So a widely used and intensively supported product like the raspberry pi can give good surprises after the launch, like the distribution that have evolved, the performances, etc.
This for free without changing your board!

So what we can expect for the next improvement?
Maybe the support of GPU acceleration with OpenCL? Hum, the GPU firmware is very closed, and the manufacturer seems to don’t be ready for OpenCL. But the amount of user may put some pressure on them.
A new version of the distribution recompiled with support of the SIMD to improve the global performances? I don’t know if this can increase the performances, but for sure the power consumption.


Light Table funded on kickstarter

Maybe you have heard about Light Table.

This new editor that make some improvement in this kind of tools shows the code in a novel manner, functions are showed separately, file are just a method to store file.

Another new feature is the instant show the function informations.

The major feature is the ability to prototype the application IN the editor. but this kind of feature seems to be possible only for languages supported by JIT (Just In Time) compilation like Lisp derived or Javascript.

For more informations visit the Chris Granger website.


A awesome template to make HTML5 and CSS3 pages

I’ve recently discovered html5boilerplate this is a fully featured teamplate for making pages:

  • A HTML5 ready page
  • A mobile support
  • A CSS3 template
  • The necessary javascript to allow an easy jquery integration.
  • The javascript to allow Internet Explorer support.
  • All the tools needed to compress the html, the css and the javascript.
  • All the best practices found on the web.

The homepage is at http://html5boilerplate.com/ it explain all the code and propose video tutorials.

You can browse the source code on github.com/h5bp/html5-boilerplate.

A 2D ASCII version of the portal game

Do you know portal? It a fps like game, and you have a special gun, this gun allows to generate portal between two différents points. Then by entering in a portal you are directly transferred on the other portal.
You can watch videos on youtube showing the portal game.

When reading the famous sebsauvage’s blog I have discovered a 2D version of portal, this game is like a standard platform game, but you can make portals. This game is entirely made using ASCII characters in a console! You can look a video of the game here. The author also explain how the views are generated in video. Another on levels.

It can be interesting to make a html5 + javascript version of this game!