Light Table funded on kickstarter

Maybe you have heard about Light Table. This new editor that make some improvement in this kind of tools shows the code in a novel manner, functions are showed separately, file are just a method to store file. Another new feature is the instant show the function informations. The major feature is the ability to […]

A awesome template to make HTML5 and CSS3 pages

I’ve recently discovered html5boilerplate this is a fully featured teamplate for making pages: A HTML5 ready page A mobile support A CSS3 template The necessary javascript to allow an easy jquery integration. The javascript to allow Internet Explorer support. All the tools needed to compress the html, the css and the javascript. All the best practices found […]

A 2D ASCII version of the portal game

Do you know portal? It a fps like game, and you have a special gun, this gun allows to generate portal between two différents points. Then by entering in a portal you are directly transferred on the other portal. You can watch videos on youtube showing the portal game. When reading the famous sebsauvage’s blog I have […]

Quadrator formation flights

I’m really impressed by the evolution of quadrator, there is a huge amount of research on quadrator flight. For example to allow them to cooperate in order to lift a huge charge. Here is an article from wired that shows the flight formations of  quadrators. This is very impressive because their fligh are smooth, without any collision.

Towards 64 bit ARM architecture

ARM is working on is new architecture version (ARM V8). This architecture will support 64bit. This is important for memory purpose.  Because the maximum addressable memory with 32 bits is around 4GB. But also for the server market. In my opinion this is especially for the server market, because the mobile market don’t currently need to […]

On User Interface design

Google have released an online website on user interface design guidelines for android. This website is interesting, not just for android, but more generally for user interfaces on all the applications. We can retain: Enchant users : allow application customization, know the user (remember the user choices/searches) Simplify the user life: brief text, visual interfaces […]

How-To compile Mesa under Ubuntu GNU-Linux

This is a simple guide to build mesa under GNU-Linux. The dependencies required are for Ubuntu 11.04,  they may differ. General dependencies

GL_PROTO installation The version or some libraries given with Ubuntu are quite old, so we will install our own up-to-date versions.



Environment variables In order to defines our […]