Running week #13 #10k

Introduction Hello, My objective this year is to run a 10k in 40minutes.I have started a plan since a few weeks, the Blue plan of the Jack Daniels Running Formula book. I have estimated my VDOT to 44 thanks to the VDOT running calculator.This leads to the following paces: R: 4:05/km I/H: 4:20/km T: 4:43/km […]

Introducing NotesCharts

Since a few days, I started a new project: NotesCharts. This project comes from my need to mix Mind Mapping and Note taking. After using lots of Mind Mapping software I think it is a very useful tool to help thinking about a problem. It is also very good at providing an overview of the […]

1PPM: February Review

This month was another bad month, especially because I was preparing a big running race and made lots of commutes. But I have not done nothing, I have started the GTK+ integration in order to provide an user friendly interface. For March, I plan to finish the GTK+ integration and to finally make a first […]

First Month review: EPIC Fail!

As I said in the previous post, one of my resolutions of this year is to make 1 project per month. Today we are in February, and one month happened since the beginning of the challenge, so a project should have been finished. First, since the beginning of January I’ve lost my motivation on my […]

The 1PPM Challenge

Hello, New years are always subjects to new good resolutions. And like many people I have a lost of sides projects in mind. Following a news on HN (link) and a post on (1PPM Challenge). I decided also to try to make one project per month. This for multiple reasons. First, to limit the time […]

Vulkan the future of OpenGL

The Khronos group recently annonced the Vulkan API. Thi new API is intended to be close to the GPU hardware than OpenGL. Recently a post on gamedev by an intern an NVidia discussed about the fact than most AAA games have a bad use of OpenGL, and the driver team changes the driver to allow […]

On the evolution of the Raspberry Pi

The starting Initially the Raspberry pi was launched as a ARM 11 running at 700MHz. This is equivalent to an old Intel Pentium 3 processor. Compared to other boards like the BeagleBoard that have a ARM Cortex A8 core and a DSP processor, it is a low performance board. First improvement The first improvement in […]